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The Odyssey of the Human Species: Somewhere between science and legend, featuring 47 acrobatic artists from 15 countries, TOTEM explores the ties that bind mankind to other species, his dreams and his infinite potential.

From the Programme:

On an island evoking the shape of a giant turtle, TOTEM traces humankind's incredible journey - from our original amphibian state to our ultimate quest for flight.  Along the way, it also explores our dreams and infinite potential, and the ties that bind us both to our collective animal origins and to the species that share the planet with us.

With scenes from the story of evolution randomly linked together in a chain, TOTEM returns to the beginnings of the organic life in the primordial ooze.  Featuring Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, primates and men in suits, among others, the show depicts a world of archetypal characters who, in their own way, witness and act out the perennial, existential questions of life.

Alternating between primitive and modern myths, and peppered with aboriginal stories of creation, TOTEM echoes and explores the evolutionary process of species, our ongoing search for balance, and the curiosity that propels us ever further, faster, and higher...

Franciska's Review:

It had been a number of years since I last had the pleasure of going to a Cirque du Soleil production.  Having purchased tickets back in February ~ as a combined birthday gift for Miss 11-going-on-101 and myself ~ the excitement was palpable. 

No matter how many times you visit the Grand Chapiteau, you can't help but be in awe of the tent and all the magic it houses.


The show began with the Crystal Man descending from the sky towards the acrobats performing on high bars in the shape of a turtle.


Yes, he's hanging from a wire by nothing more than his calf:


There was actually so much going on at once that you didn't quite know where to look.


That's the live orchestra that you can see in the background.


The Hoop Dancers actually appeared twice during the show ~ first up it was just this guy:


Who was later joined by this girl:


The rings trio came out sporting killer abs ~ although, it was only the following day (upon close inspection of the programme) that I discovered they were painted on!  Still, they had incredibly toned bodies with phenomenal strength and eye-candy (even when make-up enhanced) is still eye-candy to be appreciative of.


You can't help but be in awe of her strength:


I don't think I could hold my body weight in a vertical position for any period of time let alone in a horizontal position.


Or upside down for that matter:


Unicyclists are always impressive ~ especially at great heights:


But apparently that wasn't impressive enough... so they removed the bowls from their heads and started foot juggling... yes, FOOT juggling!! 


From foot juggling bowls, we moved onto hand and foot juggling fabric...


Whilst contorting one's self into weird and wonderful positions:


Then it was time for more eye-candy...


His skill wasn't lost on me either...


Now THIS was a rather cool and inventive act:


...and there I was thinking he was just another annoying clown...


A circus isn't a circus without a trapeze act:


The strength, skill, beauty, and sensuality were sublime:


Roller skating acts always make me reminisce and smile...


No matter how many times you see this trick your heart jumps into your throat:


 If I recall correctly, the Russian Bars also featured in Alegria.


You soon figure out why some of those guys were so large!


The finale:


Always a bitter-sweet part of a show... the final soiree...


This was SUCH an amazing experience for my girl and I ~ the sights, the sounds, and the thrills were simply magical.