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My earliest memories of writing book reviews were far from enjoyable and I would never in a million years have imagined taking pride in calling myself a book reviewer.

Having said that, what I produce today are a far cry from the story and character descriptions form my childhood or even the academic critiques completely devoid of emotion from my university days.

Today, I have the luxury of expressing my own opinions formulated from years of experience reading in both an academic and vocational context as well as reading for pleasure.  I draw upon a broad knowledge base, a wealth of life experience, and of course personal taste.

In addition to publishing my reviews alongside synopses and author biographies (as provided by the publishers) in the "My Library" section of this web site, I will use this blog to discuss my thoughts and opinions whilst I'm still reading the books.  I welcome your input and feedback long every step of the process and have provided comments boxes and quick links to help you share your thoughts with me, your friends, and other visitors to this web site.  All I ask is that you don't spoil the pleasure of watching a story unfold by revealing the end before I have finished reading the book.