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'twas the day before Christmas

The sun was brightly shining

The rooster was crowing

And Molly was barking.


Rosie was preparing

To launch her attack

At the loved-up cicadas

Singing out back.


The builders had finished

The lawns had been mowed

But the house was not ready

For Santa's next load.


Books from the publisher

Stacked high on a chair

Cat fur and dust

Still covered the stair.


Paper and scissors

Name tags and tape

A massive clean-up effort

Will need to take shape.


But first there's a list

That demands our attention

Of groceries still needed

For feasts yet unmentioned.


So Franciska had better

Round up the lasses

Get over her flu

And go join the masses.


Once the shops have been conquered

We may have a wee rest

Then it's back to the grind-stone

So the house looks it's best.


In the evening we'll rest

Perhaps sleep in late

From this day we must recover

For tomorrow we celebrate!!?


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