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for Cat...


She drifts in a realm of darkness

Engulfed by visions from the past

Desperate to quiet her mind

Exhausted yet unable to sleep


Trapped within horrific memories

Unappreciative of her outer beauty

Begging for time to pass with speed

Eager to escape her relentless thoughts


Long before the breaking of dawn

Rising from what should be her haven

Heart racing as she dons her armor

Scrambling towards some sense of freedom


Flying through the blood red door

Feet barely touching the sweeping stairs

Rushing towards the icy wind

Gasping to fill her lungs with air


Moving with determination

Rhythmically pounding against the pavement

Her pulse accelerates, brain alert

Fleeing from the depths of despair


Rain begins to fall upon her

Allowing her to shed her tears

Ignoring protests from her body

Physical pain is simply exquisite


The sun rises to kiss her cheeks

She stops to bask in its warm embrace

Breathing in the fresh new day

Her soul is nourished to carry on




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