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Over the years I have taken a LOT of photos: beginning with holiday snapshots taken on our first digital camera; followed by literally hundreds of photos of our baby girl; progressing on to early attempts at product photography; and gradually learning to capture better images worthy of internet publishing - albeit still of an amateur quality. 

Thankfully, digital photography allows anyone to take a multitude of images from which to pick those worthy of printing, edit those which need a boost, and of course delete those beyond salvaging.  I have always had a natural flair for composition and through experience (read: trial and error) I have learned a bit about lighting.  Much to my husband's delight, I am even getting better at trashing unnecessary images.  (I am yet, however, to master the art of taking backups!)

In recent times I have become increasingly frustrated with the limitations of our point-and-click camera and after much consideration, we decided to indulge my latest passion... so for my 35th birthday we invested in my first semi-professional DSLR: a Nikon D7000.

Here are the first few shots I took today...









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