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I must confess, when I was greeted by these gorgeous yellow flowers in the park this morning I had no idea what they were.  But not to fear, my friend Google came to my rescue...

"Kowhai are small, woody legume trees in the genus Sophora native to New Zealand...Their natural habitat is beside streams and on the edges of forest, in lowland or montane open areas...Kowhai trees grow throughout the country and are a common feature in New Zealand gardens. Outside of New Zealand, kowhai tend to be restricted to mild temperate maritime climates...The name kowhai comes from the Maori word for yellow—a reference to the colour of the flower. It is also called kohai in some areas...Despite having no official status as such, the blooms of the kowhai are widely regarded as being New Zealand's national flower." 1 

That's definitely my something new for today!!

The flowers in this image remind me of ballerinas in soft flowing tutus.  I'm loving to contrast between the bright yellow cluster of flowers in focus against the blurred subdued greens in the background:




This image has a completely different feel to it.  The dew drops and the softness of the colours transports me back to the early morning crispness in the park.  I love the watercolour effect in the background too:




More dancing ballerinas:




I love the way the subtle background frames this dancing pair:




This image has a delicious early morning feel to it:




Look!  I managed to capture a singing Tui - not too obscured by foliage and almost in focus!!




...and again:





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