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It was the most delicious morning at the beach today - bright and sunny but due to the wind there was fantastic surf crashing against the rocks - providing an awesome photographic opportunity... 

Somehow I had managed to change the exposure settings on the camera and found myself shoot 'black' images.  Or at least that's how they appeared on my preview screen.  So I spent some time playing around with the settings until I managed to get some shots I could actually make out.  Unfortunately, I failed miserably in holding the camera straight and the focus leaves something to be desired:




But when I got home and downloaded the images, I discovered that the 'black' images weren't black at all - and I even managed to hold the camera straight for most of them!  I quite like this one.  Clearly I need to learn more about exposure!!




I love this shot... not for my skills in focusing (as clearly I missed the mark!) but for the act that by chance I managed to capture a 'flying' piece of sea glass (if you've read my poem about Sea Glass you'll understand the significance of this)... something I didn't even realise until I was viewing the images on my MacBook:




Even on a calm day the tide would have been too high to walk my usual route along the coast -  but fortunately, I was blissfully unaware of this as I headed out this morning and was rewarded for my ignorance with this awesome opportunity to capture deliciously frothy surf crashing against the rocks:




I love the 'snow drops':




This is kind of a cool composition:




I just love the detail my Nikon picks up:




This reminds me of a snow storm... not that I've ever been in a snow storm mind you:




The wildness of the surf contrasted by the brightness of the sunshine was rather surreal:




Clearly, I simply couldn't get enough of it:




Another pretty cool composition:




I love the sombre feel of this image:





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