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I don't think I'll ever grow tired of photographing magnolias so I make no apologies for uploading even more images of these gorgeous flowers... 



I just love the 'Magnolia Walk' in my local park.  Surrounded by lush foliage, the morning light is always delicious - irrespective of what the weather is doing.  Today it was a stunning morning with bright blue skies and gorgeous sunshine - evident in the images to follow.



Loving the dew on this magnolia and the crooked twisting of the branches in the background - reminding me of witches' fingers:




Not sure if this image works composition wise - it feels a bit busy with the background competing with rather than complimenting the foreground.  However, I love the way the background has a watercolour feel to it:




I love the feel of this image.  The depth of the green in the background does a beautiful job of lifting the magnolia buds.  And of course, there's those delicious dew drops again:




I'm thinking that this image is perhaps a tad on the dark side.  However, I love the eerie feel about it - the gloomy colours coupled with the twisted crooked shapes in the background framing the subject in focus:




This image has such a lovely spring morning feel to it:




It may not be perfect, but there's something about this composition that appeals to me:




I love, love, LOVE this image:





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