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They say never work with pets or children, however, they are the only living models I have at my disposal, so here it goes... 

Lucky for me, the child is not only photogenic, but also happens to enjoy being in front of the camera.  Likewise, the pets are relatively accommodating, especially in the evening when they're ready to snuggle in bed.







I love the composition of this image - Rosie's posture beautifully shadows Molly's head and your eye is naturally drawn from the top left diagnoally to the bottom right.

The Nikon D7000 has an uber easy red eye removal function - allowing you to correct images such as this one without the need for photo editing software.  The camera is even clever enough to save a second version of the (now edited) image - just in case you change your mind.  Which is just as well as in this instance, I decided that Rosie's flourescent eyes give a much greater impact.  Okay, well perhaps it isn't going to win any awards for technical skill, however, you have to admit, it certainly tells a great story!!



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