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After seven months of trying, hoping, agonizing and disappointments, our dreams were realised on the morning of 18th July 2002 in the form of a little blue line... What followed was a rather uneventful text-book pregnancy culminating in a drug-free 'natural' delivery of the most beautiful creature in the world.

Satine Roza was born on Saturday 29th March 2003 at 4.27pm.  She weighed just 3.17kg and measured 52cm in length with the faintest sprinkling of blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. 

She looked nothing like me. 

Apparently having newborn babies resemble their father is nature's way of ensuring they bond by leaving no doubt in the father's mind that the child is his.  (Seemingly, mother's don't need this visual confirmation as they have spent the majority of their pregnancy bonding.  Or in the case of planned pregnancies perhaps bonding began the moment she decided to become a mother - long before conception.)

I certainly haven't needed Satine to resemble me in order for me to become fiercely protective of her.  Some might go as far as to say that I'm over-protective of her.  Well perhaps I am, but being under-protective could have far worse consequences!

To this day strangers would struggle to pick her from a group of children as being my daughter - with most people searching for a dark-haired child.  But those who know us well will testify to the fact that without a doubt, personality-wise, she is just like me.  (Condolences to my husband!)