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We've spent the past week being regaled with stories about big scary MRI machines.  They don't harm you in any way, but they are loud - frighteningly so.  And if you're remotely claustrophobic, the noise, combined with the length of time you're having to remain in said machine, can cause you a panic attack of obscene proportions.

Despite the good-intentioned scare mongering, Satine was remarkably brave.  I would even go as far as to say that she was excited!

Mama on the other hand, struggled to watch her baby get strapped onto a bed and sent (albit partially) into the imaging tunnel.


Excited much??



Pretty in pink - MUCH nicer than those delightful hospital gowns that do up at the back!!



Getting comfortable - as much as possible:



She was given headphones to drown out the sound of the machine with music (she got to choose the radio station) and so that the technician could talk to her from the control room.  She was also given a "panic buzzer" just in case she needed it:



In she goes - fortunately, she didn't need to go any further than this, but she still said she felt a little claustrophobic as all she could see was the "tunnel" around her:



I was then sent out to the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity. 

Satine emerged 40 mins later unscathed.

She said at times it was in fact a little scary, but the technician talked to her the entire time - explaining what was happening and checking that she was feeling okay.  I am humbled by her bravery.

Tomorrow the orthopaedic surgeon will go through the results with us - just one more sleep and we'll finally have some answers.


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