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Satine returned from camp and unsurprising has regressed.  She's complaining of pain more than ever before and has lost both mobility and strength in her foot - far worse than it was previously.

The physio was surprised and disappointed by Satine's deterioration and advised that she will probably need a further three weeks of treatment!!  Remembering earlier advice (from GP #2), we immediately headed back to the medical centre where we saw GP #3 who suggested ordering MORE x-rays!!  I lost the plot and suggested that perhaps it was time for an MRI - given that the general concensus had been that hairline fractures are often not visible on x-rays and that if it were soft tissue damage, she should have shown an improvement after three weeks.  It has now been a month since her injury.  The quack agreed, but said that she couldn't order an MRI - only a specialist could - but that she would refer Satine to the fracture clinic.

I spoke with desperation.  Satine is inconsolable with pain - someone has to help her.  The quack asked us to wait and left the room.  We could hear her talking to one of the nurses who was asking: "why aren't they being referred by the physio?".  We couldn't make out her response.  Suffice to say, it was effective as she returned with an appointment for Satine with the orthopaedic surgeon at the fracture clinic for the following day!  (Apparently he's only there on Thursdays evenings - so we were lucky to get in to see him at such short notice.)

So today we met the orthopaedic surgeon who ordered an MRI and told us to return the following week to discuss the results.  In the meantime, Satine is to stop physio and has been advised not to use her foot. 


Satine has the BTDA dance comps this Saturday and Sunday for Jazz and Lyrical and a pre-exam comp for Tap on Monday.  The specialist said she could try dancing but that she risks hurting her foot even further and faces an even longer recovery period - or worse still, risks causing permanent damage.  So we've made the decision to withdraw from the competitions in the hope that she'll recover in time for the exams. 


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