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We went to the physio the very next day after the (second) doctor's visit.  The physio massaged Satine's foot, applied ultrasound, gave her some exercises, and recommended that she use crutches for a couple of weeks to take the weight off her foot.

Unfortunately, the cuff on the crutches he gave her didn't hold Satine's arm and whilst learning to use them she fell and hurt the big toe on her 'good' foot.  To the point of bleeding, swelling and bruising!! 


According to the receptionist, Satine wasn't the first patient to have left the clinic in worse condition than when she arrived.  Hmmm... not sure if that's something one should be bragging about??


By the second session, Satine's foot strength and mobility had improved and the physio suggested that she could start using her foot again - gently - using just one of her crutches for support.  

She spent the weekend contemplating whether or not to take her crutches to camp this week.  She was afraid that if she took them, she wouldn't be allowed to participate in activities.  Of course, we had already discussed this with her teacher and had been reassured that she could participate in all activities that didn't put strain on her foot and for the remainder of the activities she could be the official photographer.  But stil, she was apprehensive.  In the end, she decided its better to have them there and not use them than to leave them behind and the need them. 

Smart kid. 


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