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For weeks now Satine has been regaling me with various pieces of trivia about the Olympics and this morning was no exception...

Satine: "Mama, did you know that when the Olympics began, only men were allowed to compete?"

Mama: "Yes, we've talked about this before."

Satine: "Ah, but did you also know that women DID compete - they just pretended to be men?"

Mama: "No, I did not know that."

Satine: "Well they did.  But Mrs X told us the other day that when the Olympics first began, everyone competed in the nude!"

Mama: "Really?"

Satine: "Yes!  So I asked Mrs X how the women managed to pretend they were men because without their clothes on everyone would be able to see that they didn't have any boy parts."

Mama: "Did you really ask that in the middle of class?"

Satine: "Yes."

Mama: "What did the teacher say?"

Satine: "She said: 'That's enough discussion on that topic Satine.' then changed the subject.  But I'm really curious - how DID they hide the fact that they were women?  I mean, it's not like they could attach a fake penis."


Teeheeheee... that's my girl... pedantic.


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