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This morning during breakfast we were discussing goal setting with Miss 7.75 - who (having been through the process at least twice during her illustrious school career) feels  that she is somewhat of an expert.  So having satisifed us with her definition of achievable, Satine's father and I decided to take her through the full acronym of SMART Goal Setting.

Specific was relatively straight forward, however measurable required further explanations:

Mama: 'What do you do to find out how long something is?'

Satine: 'You measure it.'

Mama: 'Yes.  So what do you think it means when we say that something is measurable?'

Satine: 'That you can see how long it is?'

Mama: 'Yes. '

Dada: 'Or imagine if your goal was to have $100 in your wallet...'

Satine: 'Well THAT's not an achievable goal Dada!'

[Insert spontaneous laughter from everyone present.]


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