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I began keeping a parenting diary when my first pregnancy was confirmed.  Yes, a diary - for blogs didn't exist beack then - or at least not in their current form and certainly not with today's level of popularity.

I am embarrassed to admit that despite best intentions, it has been years since I wrote regularly in Satine's diary.  I can point to a million 'reasons' as to why my daily entries lessened in frequency from daily to weekly, then fortnightly to monthly, and finally deminishing to nothing.

But perhaps it's simply like the phenomenon of the photo albums?  You know the one I mean - where you have literally hundreds of photos of your newborn (mostly sleeping) recording virtually every waking moment of their first days.  As the months pass, the photos become fewer and further in-between until a few years' down the track you're fortunate to find an 'every day' photo that wasn't taken at a birthday or Christmas celebration!  Of course, that isn't to say that we love our children any less - quite the contrary - it's just that we are so busy living and sharing life's adventures that we struggle to find the time to record it all.

Well, that's my theory, anyway...

So here is my latest attempt to record the highs, the lows, the milestones, the joys, the hopes, the pride, and the humorous moments we will treasure forever.