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There's nothing quite like a hard-hitting, straight-to-the-point conversation first thing in the morning to wake you up!!

I have always fostered open and honest communication in our family and love the fact that Satine feels comfortable enough to discuss absolutely anything and everything with me. 

Obviously, I am publicly open about my life, thoughts and feelings.  However, even I felt somewhat awkward when the following conversation took place between my not-yet-nine-year-old and myself this morning:

Satine:  "Mama, how old were you when you got your first boyfriend?"

Mama:  "Ummm... fifteen."

Satine:  "Did you have sex with him?"

Mama:  "No."

Satine:  "Oh good!  I wouldn't want to have sex at the age of fifteen."

[Phew!  I'm glad she cleared that up for me.]

Slight pause...

Satine:  "How many boyfriends did you have before Dada?"

Mama:  "Two."

Satine:  "Did you have sex with ALL of them?"


Mama:  "Errr... no."

Satine:  "Good.  I'm glad to hear that."

[And I'm glad I passed her test of morals!]


I wonder what type of coversations take place in other household during breakfast??


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