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Following last week's realisation, I borrowed a Yamaha Student model flute from school and whilst it is well used and in desperate need of tuning, it definitely sounds better than my much newer Pink and Silver plated Venus flute.  Then when Mary suggested I play Satine's Jupiter 313S Student flute, the difference in my playing was undeniable. 

It is settled, I MUST give up my silly notion of playing a gorgeous pink flute and opt for quality of craftmanship and above all else, SOUND!!

With my renewed confidence, we once again discussed my entry into the Woodwind Competitions and based upon my eagerness to give it a go, Mary has created a new adult category for beginners who have been playing for two years or less.  (She has actually split the open adult category into several levels - but of course, only the beginner category applies to me currently.)

So my mission for this week is to purchase a copy of 50 for Flute (which we will need for our competition pieces) and of course a new flute!!


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