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The good news is that Satine is making brilliant progress.  Mary keeps telling us that she is a natural and if she keeps it up she will be a very talented flute player.  I on the other hand have been getting increasingly frustrated with my lack of progress. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly working my way through the exercises and receiving plenty of positive feedback, but we're spending so much time during lessons on my embouchure that I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get it.  Why is it so hard?  What am I doing wrong??

Sensing (and possibly sharing) my frustrations, Mary suggested today that perhaps my gorgeous flute is hindering my ability to play and that I should seriously consider upgrading to something of better quality.  Looking at the way in which the plating is starting to chip off, I cannot help but agree that my gloriously pink instrument is nothing more than a gimmick and if I'm going to take this venture seriously, I will need to invest in a more respected (if somewhat boring) make and model. 


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