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We're back at school - study for Satine and work for me - and after a two week break, we are also back to having regular (weekly) flute lessons.  I have to say, it felt rather odd to be walking into the school's music department for my personal pursuits, but having back-to-back lessons on school grounds worked out really well and saved us the hassles of having to travel to and from the teacher's premises.

Having gone first at 8:15am Satine only missed the first 20-30 minutes of school work (allowing time to clean her flute and a further 5-10 minutes to make her way to her classroom) and even after returning our instruments to the car and retreiving my laptop etc., I was in my 'office' and ready to begin my own work by 9:00am with a spring in my step and a warm glow in my heart.

How fortunate am I to be working in such a wonderful environment devoted to nurturing all facets of the performing arts?  Life is good.


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