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We had our first-ever flute lesson today - Satine choosing to go first.  She did really well and Mary seven uggested that Satine might like to enter the annual Woodwind Competition in September. 

Apparently, Mary regularly enters pupils who have only been playing for six months and explained that they have several categories to accommodate the various levels of ability.  So she would be competing against her peers and therefore shouldn't be overly daunting for her.  Satine isn't so sure, but it's a wee way off yet - so we'll see closer to the time.

My lesson went really well too.  At first we worked from the same book as Satine (Suzuki Method for the Flute) and then moved onto Trevor Wye's Beginner Flute book.  The latter apparently focuses on the lower notes - thereby giving a solid foundation in technique before moving on to the higher notes.

Mary was very encouraging and full of praise - apparently I too did well.  Although, I doubt I'll ever reach concert-level.  But one thing's for certain, Satine and I both came home in high spirits - happy and high on life.  Which is ultimately what playing an instrument is all about - the enjoyment of creating music.


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