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When Satine first began learning the fife at the start of term 4 I decided to purchase a second fife for myself so that I too could learn to play - knowing full well that we would struggle to share.  Luckily, fifes (being plastic) are relatively inexpensive so the two instruments plus postage and packaging cost under $NZ40.  This proved to be a strike of genius and money well spent for not only could we avoid arguments over who got to play and when, but we were also able to play at the same time - giving us a taste for playing duets together.

Unsurprisingly, whilst researching suppliers and costs of the earlier mentioned special flute designed for young children, I couldn't help but look into the cost of full-sized flutes.  As with most instruments, there is a broad range in price (and quality!) from used to new, beginner/student's to professional standard.

Obviously, in this initial stage of merely 'dabbling', I wasn't about to spend thousands or even several hundreds on a musical instrument.  So I was thrilled to discover that I could purchase a brand new flute from the UK for just over $NZ200 - including postage and packaging!  And best of all??  They come in a gorgeous assortment of colours!!

I was further impressed when the package arrived a week before Christmas - just over a week after I placed the order and made payment.  Simply unbelievable.  Especially in light of the fact that the other (UK based) company through whom I attempted order Satine's special flute weren't even capable of charging the payment to my credit card in the same length of time and eventually gave up altogether on processing my order.

But perhaps even more remarkably, I was able to resist the urge to open the package containing my flute and instead, wrapped it up and placed it under the tree.  Which is where it remained for an entire week.  Until last night, when I had the pleasure of unwrapping my deliciously pink flute and finally having a wee play... not that I could play much, mind you, but it was awesome none-the-less.


Incidentally, I DID find an alternative supplier for Satine's special flute - based in Australia - so considerably closer to home!  Unfortunately, due to being let down by the UK supplier so close to Christmas, we were cutting it incredibly fine for delivery in time for Christmas and alas, Satine's flute hasn't arrived.  But hopefully it won't be too far away and may even arrive inbetween Christmas and New Year.  Fingers crossed...


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