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I'm on a roll today!  This time it is one of Johann Sebastian Bach's most famous compositions.


It has been almost 20 years since I first learned to play this piece and possibly a decade since I last played it.  Yet my fingers simply glided across the piano keys and I was confident enough to record it after having played it through just once.




This is one of J.S. Bach's most famous compositions.  It is the first prelude in his Well-Tempered Clavier, Volume I.  This book contains 24 preludes and fugues, one in each major and minor key, andhelped to firmly establish the modern system of tempered tuning of keboard instruments.1



1.  Source: Bach Prelude in C Major for the Piano From "The Well-Tempered Clavier," Vol. I, Willard A. Palmer, Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

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