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Today I took the first step towards achieving one of the items on my '40 before I'm 40' - I made my first sound recording AND I am brave enough to share it in cyberspace - go me!!


Having said that, I feel the need to apologise for it's roughness.  Which is absolutely ridiculous.  I should be proud of this rendishion.  Sure, it's imperfect, but who really cares?  When it comes to art, sometimes it is the imperfections which we find the most alluring.

For me, this is a HUGE step forward.  I have always found playing music to be a very private and emotional experience.  It takes me into another realm where my mind drifts and my soul tackles the deepest of emotions in their purest form.  It is this rawness that made me shy away from indulging when my father passed away.  I simply couldn't handle the pain. 

So it is rather apt that I have chosen Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata as the first piece of music to share with you.  For this is the final piece I played before closing the lid on my piano over a decade ago...




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