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I cannot believe it has been over a year since I last wrote about my music endeavours - I really WAS living in a cave!  Well not anymore.  As the Camp Rock song goes: "Music's in My Soul" and in order to feel balance, I must indulge on a regular basis. 


Fortunately, we are blessed with our very own music room in our new home and it is fast becoming my haven - on par with my boudoir, with both offering a sanctuary to nurture and rejuvenate my soul.

SO much has happened in the past 12 months that i barely know where to begin...

Firstly, I invested a small fortune in the most divine flute:


It was quite an indulgence, but hey, I had to spend all that hard-earned money on something, right?  Turns out it wasn't entirely my technique (or lack thereof) after all as seemingly over night, my sound quality improved and I haven't looked back since.

Before we knew it, Satine and I had established ourselves as key members of the school's flute choir and took great pleasure in playing as part of a group ensemble.  We even performed in the school recital in the final term of last year!

In September, Satine entered the 2011 New Zealand Woodwind Competitions and won the prize of Best Performance of a New Zealand Composition.  It was a HUGE honour as she was competing against older and more experienced musicians - but in the end, her flawless performance won the judge over.

At the end of the year, she sat her Grade 1 Performance Flute exam with the New Zealand Music Examinations Board and was awarded Distinction along with glowing feedback about her beautiful tone. 

Satine is now blossoming under the guidance of a new teacher.  I on the other hand, have stopped my lessons in favour of cutting down expenses and am working my own way through a beginner's repertoir.

Towards the end of the year, Satine successfully auditioned with a highly saught-after singing teacher and has been with her ever since.  Initially, it was to be only on a trial basis as Satine is very young and less lucrative than a more mature pupil.  However, Satine quicky proved herself and her commitment, enthusiasm and work ethic, coupled with her natural talent, won the singing teacher over.  We are regularly reminded that Satine is SO very young, however, her teacher is thoroughly enjoying working with her and at this stage, not ready to let her go.

In addition to vocal training, Satine also began piano lessons - at the insistance of the afore mentioned singing teacher.  (Just as well we already owned a piano - right?)  Unsurprisingly, Satine has taken to the piano like a duck to water.  I swear, you could put any instrument into the child's hands and she'd be able to play it.  (If only there were more hours in the day and more days in the week.  *sigh*)

It goes without saying that I am back exercising my fingers on the ebonies and ivories.  It's been YEARS since I played regularly - not since my father passed away - yet so many pieces are flowing from mere muscle memory.  Remarkable.

Which brings me nicely to my latest acquisition... For some time now I have been wanting a 'new' piano.  One with history, character, beauty and charm...  It didn't take me long to find the most divine piano and before I knew it, I was the proud owner of this gorgeous instrument:


We estimate it was made circa 1915 and it simply radiates history, knowledge and warmth.  It has a beautifully rich tone that conjures up haunting images from the past.

I truly feel like I've come home.


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