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Having been inspired by several friends - some old, some new, some physically present, some virtual - I am compiling a list of 40 things I want to achieve before I turn 40...

Those who know me well, will be aware of my quirkiness when it comes to numbers and in particular, my dislike for the number 4.  To begin with, even numbers simply do not appeal to me - except for the number 8, but more on that later!  But my biggest issue with the number 4 is that it is simply way too angular, pointy and quite frankly, cold - it is seriously lacking.  Conversely, take the number 5 or 3 - they are deliciously curvy and warm - just like the female form.  (The female form blessed with womanly curves that is!)  Which is where the exception of the number 8 comes in - the ultimate metaphor of the hour-glass shape.  It also happens to mimic the infinity sign flipped on it's side - a coincidence?  I think not!

But I digress...

As clearly this year is one of tremendous spiritual growth for me - one requiring me to step outside of my comfort zones - it is rather appropriate that I begin with embracing the number 4.  After all, I'm going to spend an entire decade engulfed in it's clasp!

So with 4 years left of my dirty thirties, I am setting myself the task of achieving the following 40 items before I turn 40:

  1. Reduce my weight to 65kg (or less) and maintain it ~ 15th Oct 2012 ~

  2. Get my belly button pierced

  3. Get a tattoo

  4. Graduate with a Bachelor of Business degree

  5. Experience Italy and all its glory through the eyes of an adult

  6. Write a memoir

  7. Have said memoir published

  8. Start dating again  ~ 22nd Mar 2012 ~

  9. Connect with my soul-mate

  10. Own an antique piano  ~ 10th Feb 2012 ~

  11. Learn to play the flute to grade 5 level

  12. Get my cello fixed / acquire a new (playable) cello

  13. Learn to play the cello to a grade 5 level

  14. Enjoy a show at the Sydney Opera House

  15. Complete a Graduate Diploma in Psychology

  16. Be whisked off for a romantic mystery weekend for two

  17. Go sailing on a yacht

  18. Sit on the beach watching the stars emerge

  19. Sit on the beach watching the sun rise

  20. Take Satine swimming with dolphins

  21. Do something incredibly naughty and totally out of character ~ 3rd Apr 2012 ~

  22. Record myself playing the piano and upload it to YouTube

  23. Record myself playing the flute and upload it to YouTube

  24. Record myself playing the cello and upload it to YouTube

  25. Inspire someone (other than my daughter!) to write a poem or song about me

  26. Step outside of my comfort zone ~ 5th Apr 2012 ~

  27. Perform on the Bruce Mason Theatre stage on at least one more occasion (preferably more!) ~ 7th Nov 2012, 6th Nov 2013 ~

  28. Have a musician play and sing just for me ~ 21 Apr 2012 ~

  29. Get a second tattoo

  30. Enjoy a home cooked meal lovingly prepared for me by a male

  31. Frolic in a waterfall

  32. Write my first adult short story

  33. Have said short story published

  34. Write my first children's picture book

  35. Have said picture book published

  36. Write my first adult novel

  37. Have said novel published

  38. Walk from Takapuna to Long Bay and back again

  39. Take an adventurous train trip

  40. Spend a weekend in a Lighthouse


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