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Having spent my entire adult life living with the same man, here's what I've learned one month on from our separation...

  1. Living without a partner is less lonely than living with an absent partner

  2. No matter how much of a drag dishes are, I still prefer to do them myself

  3. I can kill cockroaches with nothing more than a tissue separating my hand from the pest

  4. Ditto to daddy-long-legs (I am yet to encounter any REALLY scary spiders)

  5. Picking up takeaways is less convenient than cooking

  6. In the absence of grocery supplies, picking up takeaways is STILL less convenient than a trip to the supermarket

  7. I am quite capable of putting petrol in my car

  8. Things that go bump in the night are highly unlikely to be sinister

  9. There are just two things I miss about living with a partner - the first is having someone to take out the rubbish

  10. The second is intimacy.


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