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I love it!!

Finally, security software to protect users from their biggest security risk - themselves!!

There is definitely a market for this.  In fact, I really hope they're working on a sobriety test for sending emails.  Perhaps a sanity or  social sensitivity test to avoid those foot-in-mouth emails you regret ever having typed (generally after you have hit the send button - once the damage has been done).

It need not be anthing as fancy as the tests above (fun though they may be - and possibly just the de-stressing technique required to re-think your message).  But even something as simple as a stand-down period would be enough.  A program that forces you to walk away from your message for a set period of time and then makes you re-read it on a later occasion before giving you the ability to actually send it to the intended recipient. 

Now wouldn't software like that solve a lot of today's relationship problems??

 | Tuesday, 9 Oct 2010

Stop the drunk-posting

An American internet security firm has devised a way of stopping you unsober-social networking.

Webroot has invented the Social Media Sobriety Test,  a free plug-in for Firefox web browsers.

Insisting that 'nothing good happens online after 1am',  the company promises to put an end to the embarrassment that follows regrettable, late night posts with 3 easy steps. says it is similar to GMail's Goggles for social media.

"It allows you to block access to sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr for set hours. Try to get on Facebook during set hours and you'll have to take a test. The test includes fun activities like typing the alphabet backwards and following a circle with your cursor and indicating whether a light on screen comes from the left or the right."

If a user fails they will be blocked from using a service.

Sobriety Test users can set the hours they would like the blocking tool to be in force.