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Today I had the pleasure of meeting a groups of amazing women - each so very different, each dealing with their own challenges in life, each full of love - connected through a unique friendship born out of their passion for creating blogs.

Today they welcomed me into their sisterhood and I feel completely and utterly blessed.

2013-05-10_bloggy_friendshipsOnly yesterday I was gripped with anxiety - I honestly didn't think I'd make it today - especially in the rain!  But fortunately, I had a decent night's sleep and the venue was close to home.  So I put on my big girl panties, painted on a smile, clutched my crochet, and stepped outside of my comfort zone.

Having my wonderful friend to hold my hand upon arrival certainly helped.  It helped a LOT.

But I need not have fretted.  Each and every one of the ladies was friendly and welcoming.  Sure, it was awkward - especially as everyone seemed to know each other well.  So I mostly sat quietly.  Observing.  Speaking only when spoken to.

How ironic.  This is exactly what Miss Ten does in new situations.  She's done this since the earliest days of socialising in coffee groups and the like.  Warming up only in the final minutes before it was time to leave.  Funny how I've never noticed this behaviour within myself before.

So in true form, it was only when some of the group began to leave that I came out of my shell.  Mostly helped by one particularly welcoming lady who moved to sit beside me and asked: "Franciska, please tell me about yourself."  I was over-whelmed.  Not at the prospect of having to talk about myself, but the simple fact that someone was interested.  Genuinely interested.  In ME.

There was to be one other newbie today - but unfortunately she wasn't able to push past her anxiety and pulled out at the last minute.  I really wish she hadn't, but I totally understand her fear.  Hopefully this post will give her a little extra impetus to come next time.