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I must apologise for the fact that it's been a while since I last posted anything of substance... it's been a rather surreal existence for me for the past several months... which all began with the devastating request from my husband to 'let him go'... 

I have no intention of publishing anything negative about him.  He is a kind, generous and caring soul capable of exhibiting the purest love in existence.  Unfortunately, due to a seemingly constant barrage of challenges that life has presented us over the past decade and a half, his soul is lost and he needs space and freedom to find it once again.  He is a good man who deserves to be treated with respect and although it breaks my heart, I have set him free.  Ido not know what the future holds for our relationship, but I have surrendered to my fate and trust whole-heartedly that everything that has happened thus far and will take place in the future is for the better.

So with that said, where to for me now??

Well, it goes without saying that we have moved - the events around which deserve a post all on their own!  Our daughter is living with me permanently with the view to spending some weekends with her dad after he's settled somewhere suitable.  To be honest, this won't be all that different to her due to the travel and long hours his work stole from our family previously.  In fact, I suspect (or at least hope with all my heart) that the time that he does now spend with her will be better quality time - no longer in a position to take us forgranted.  (I think we're all guilty of using 'in a minute' and 'not right now - mabe later' far too often!)

Having to now support two households and expenses has made us reconsider our ideals - the result of which has been removing Satine from the private school she has attended since the age of four in favour of a 'free' education through the public system.  We are very fortunate to be now living a stone's throw from a very good decile 10 school and in zone for highly reputable intermediate and secondary schools - both of which come highly recommended by Satine's music teachers.  (Dare I say, both schools having far better reputations when it comes to music than her previous school - not to mention being strong academically.)

Having moved Satine to to a new school, continuing to work at her old school would have proven 'difficult' to say the least.  So just to add to the upheaval and stress surrounding the situation, I also resigned from my job at the end of the year.  I know, it sounds crazy to give up a well paying job at a time when we need all the income we can get, but the stress surrounding my job was negatively impacting my health.  Not to mention the logistical nightmares around working additional hours around productions - let alone the fact that Satine would no longer be able to participate in said productions!

So in a nutshell, I am currently an unemployed solo mum rebuilding her life...

If anyone has any work for a creative highly computer literate creature that can either be done form home or on a part time basis during school hours, then let me know!!

In the meantime, I shall continue to watch the job listings - whilst unpacking a never ending mountain of boxes...



P.S.  I just realised that the article ID of this blog post is 111... anyone else see the irony??{jcomments on}