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250 days have passed since I began keeping a Gratitude Journal. 


To be honest, it isn't the passing of time which amazes me.  But rather, the sheer fact that I have kept these daily postings going religiously - as we all know I am far from religious and have never been one to flog a dead horse.

So to re-cap, the practice is intended to lift the spirit by re-focusing your final thoughts for the day on the positive aspects of your life.  Over time, daily gratitude journaling should give you a heightened awareness of all that is good in the world, thereby increasing your happiness and ultimately your sense of well-being.

In my previous post on the subject - at 100 Days of Gratitude - I was rather cynical and somewhat arrogant in my review.  Truth be told, I still find the daily task of finding something to be grateful for to be somewhat tedious and certainly challenging.  Especially when I'm feeling down.  However, there are days when I have so much to be grateful for that it's difficult to pick just one to focus on. 

Above all else, more often than not, my posts make me smile.  Which alone makes it worthwhile to continue.

Having said that, I remain dubious as to how much impact daily gratitude journaling is having on my overall well-being.  But I continue to enjoy good health, I am within a kilo of my initial goal weight, I sleep well, and above all else, I remain true to myself.  I live, love, laugh and cry with passion.

Life is good.

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