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100 days have passed since I began keeping a Gratitude Journal.  100 days of finding something to be thankful for - no matter how insignificant.  From what I gather, the practice is intended to lift the spirit by re-focusing your final thoughts for the day on the positive aspects of your life.  Over time, daily gratitude journaling should give you a heightened awareness of all that is good in the world, thereby increasing your happiness and ultimately your sense of well-being.

Well that is the theory... In reality, finding something to be grateful for on a daily basis can be challenging and at times nothing more than a tedious job.  Of course, it is at these times - when I'm feeling down and exhausted - that reflecting upon the positive aspects of my day is the most therapeutic.

Does acknowledging gratitude at the end of the day send me to bed with warm fuzzies?  Hardly.  In all honesty, when I'm down, no amount of focusing on the positives will turn me into Polly Anna.  And quite frankly, I believe it is important to acknowledge those dark thoughts and feelings in order to process them so that we can let go and move on.

So after 100 days do I have a greater sense of well-being?  Indeed I do.  However, I have made a variety of life-style changes of which keeping a gratitude journal was just one.  But I must say, I feel fantastic.  My blood pressure is normal, my weight is continuing to drop, I sleep well, I live, love, laugh and cry with passion.

Life is good.

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