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Two months on from our separation I have gained further insight not only in regards to myself, but also of the world around me.  I have found peace with the past and now I need to find peace with the present so that I can once again dream of the future.  So here's what I've learned thus far:

One Month On:

  1. Living without a partner is less lonely than living with an absent partner

  2. No matter how much of a drag dishes are, I still prefer to do them myself

  3. I can kill cockroaches with nothing more than a tissue separating my hand from the pest

  4. Ditto to daddy-long-legs (I am yet to encounter any REALLY scary spiders)

  5. Picking up takeaways is less convenient than cooking

  6. In the absence of grocery supplies, picking up takeaways is STILL less convenient than a trip to the supermarket

  7. I am quite capable of putting petrol in my car

  8. Things that go bump in the night are highly unlikely to be sinister

  9. There are just two things I miss about living with a partner - the first is having someone to take out the rubbish

  10. The second is intimacy.

Two Months On:

  1. Living without a partner is less lonely than living with an absent partner

  2. Once in a while it would be nice to have someone else do the dishes

  3. Birds are paralysed by fear and are very easy to pick up and carry outside

  4. Rosie isn't the smartest of cats

  5. You can find the most purest of friends in the least likeliest of people

  6. Open and honest communication at all times is a must

  7. Petrol is expensive

  8. Separation can be good for your health - I have suffered noticeably fewer migraines and have lost 5kg

  9. Taking out the rubbish isn't that much of a chore - even in the rain

  10. Sincere, powerful, all-engulfing, nourishing, and caring hugs are delicious.


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