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"I saw it as my duty as a father."  [see article below]

Seriously?  Since when is it a father's duty to castrate his daughter's boyfriend??

Okay, so I wouldn't exactly be thrilled if my 17 year old daughter was dating a man old enough to be her father but castrating the sleaze isn't going to help.  I mean, what was he trying to achieve?  Surely there are less extreme forms of contraception??

Seriously though, if you're THAT miffed at the guy, why not go the whole hog (excuse the pun) and follow the lead of Lorena Bobbit? 

I find it interesting that the father is being charged with attempted murder as opposed to a lesser charge of assault.  I would hazard a guess that he had no intention of killing the man - quite the contrary - he probably wanted him to endure a long miserable existence. | Tuesday, 14 Dec 2010

Father castrates daughter's boyfriend

Sydney Morning Hearld

A German father was so angry his teenage daughter was dating a man 40 years older than her that he castrated the boyfriend with a bread knife, police say.

Helmut Seifert, 47, who was originally from Russia, complained to police in Bielefeld, north-west Germany, when he found out about his 17-year-old daughter's relationship with Phillip Genscher, 57, London's Daily Telegraph reported.

But when police told him they could do nothing, Mr Seifert recruited two colleagues at his factory and went to pay Mr Genscher a visit.

"The man was forced to remove his trousers and, fully conscious, he was castrated," police said.

"The severed testicles were taken away by the perpetrator."

Mr Genscher lost a lot of blood - and his testicles - but survived and was able to call police for help.

Mr Seifert will go on trial for attempted murder next year after pleading guilty.

But he remained defiant, defending his actions and refusing to give up the names of the colleagues who helped him.

"I received a phone call anonymously that my daughter was involved with a guy 40 years older than her. You said you couldn't stop him – so I did," he told police.

"I saw it as my duty as a father."