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Social media has been flooded with commentary and heated debate since even before the release of the first installment of the 50 Shades movie trilogy.  I feel it's time I have my own rant as we all know that if it's posted on the internet it must be true.  ;o)

It is a futile effort to even attempt to defend a fictitious book when people are hell bent on basing their opinions on the broad, sweeping, extreme comments made by others who's own personal demons and experiences are swaying their perspective of what is actually written in said book.

I have read countless commentary by people "quoting" as gospel from 50 Shades of Grey that simply were never ever written. Some of these commentators haven't even read any of the books or even seen the movie!!

Irrespective of your personal preference, let's put things into perspective. It is fictitious R18 adult entertainment. Some find horror and grotesque violence entertaining yet no one claims those movies to be encouraging a culture of serial killers.

Personally, any movie that even touches on the topic of cancer, terminal illness, the loss of a loved one, triggers memories for me, opens scars, and leaves me emotionally shaken. So I have complete and utter sympathy for whom this movie is a trigger and I have total respect as to where their strong opinions have come from. But their opinions aren't the only ones which are valid. For many, the story is nothing more than fiction and every single claim of abuse/stalking/controlling can be counter-argued. (I don't wish to enter debates over specifics - as I said at the beginning it is a futile effort to do so.)

One thing no one can argue with is the fact that 50 Shades has become the most talked about book/movie. Everyone from politicians and church leaders to housewives and Joe Bloggs are debating it's merits. Whether positive or negative, it is pure marketing genius.

I just hope that one day my publications are this hotly debated!!  :o)