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Okay, so this isn't exactly what one would categorise as Arts and Crafts, however, it did require a certain amount of creativity and of course the use of my hands. Besides, I'm highly unlikely to undertake a large enough volume of DIY projects to warrant creating a whole new blog section for it.

It was a great summer's day yesterday and the ex offered to come and mow the lawns for us - bless him.  I don't quite know what came over me, but I had the urge to join him in the garden to have a go at some trimming and weeding.  Anyone who knows me, will testify to the fact that I do NOT have a green thumb!  So first and foremost, a trip to the hardware store was required to purchase some gardening gloves and equipment.  Whilst there, another urge struck me and I found myself purchasing a new lock/latch for the bathroom sliding door (which has been broken since we first moved into our new home in January!).

I nearly went into cardiac arrest when I saw the price tag, but figured that the most expensive is likely to be the best quality - right?

Besides, its probably for the best to replace the broken one with the identical make and model - since the door had already been cut to accommodate it.

As it turned out, this was a smart move as removing the old lock proved challenging enough!


Actually, would you believe that the biggest challenge was removing the screw covers?!?!?  They were so tightly jammed in there that nothing was slim enough to wedge beside them to pop them out.  Just as I was at my wit's end, the ex transformed into McGyver (again, a major feat as he's no handy man) and used a paper clip.

The rest was a piece of cake.  Except for the last two screws which refused to go all the way in.  After a considerable amount of brute force and grunting had proved futile, I decided to compare the new screws to the old ones and lo and behold, they were a different size!  Fractionally.  Seriously, we're talking milimetres at the most.  But different nonetheless.  So the old screws went back in.  No doubt some smarty-pants is going to tell me that the screws are still not completely in.  In which case, you are more than welcome to come and have a go at fixing it yourself!