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Despite having completed week 7 a couple of weeks ago, half way through week 8's clues I decided I was really unhappy with the size of my afghan.  (That, plus I found a mistake that I simply couldn't live with).  So I frogged one and a half rounds.

...then began playing Yarn Roulette.  Which is kind of like Russian Roulette, only with yarn.  Will it be enough or will it run out just before the finish line?

So I made and added five more squares ~ which turned my afghan into a square.

Still not satisfied, I made and added five MORE squares ~ resulting in a rectangular afghan of 5x6 squares.

It's still not what I would consider blanket size and I could easily add more squares.  If I had more yarn.  And patience.  But I'm seriously bored with making squares and itching to get working on the border.

Here is the aerial view with all the additional squares woven together: