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Part 3 took me a bit longer than Parts 1 and 2.  Obviously, the stitch count is growing so each round takes more time to complete than the previous, but my indecision over colour placement within the Rustic Sophie is also proving time consuming.

I'm actually spending less time consulting the images I've collected for inspiration and more time trying out small sections in different colours ~ side-by-side for easy comparison.  In fact, at one point I had crocheted a small section of two rows with different colour combinations!

Yes, I am a perfectionist and if a colour combination doesn't 'feel right' then I'd rather frog and redo than have to live with less than perfection.  At least this way I'm only frogging small sections.

Anyway, here is a close up of Part 3 in White.  I'm loving all the detailing and texture of this pattern ~ some of which gets lost when too many colours are introduced:

Having said that, the colour adds a different dimension of beauty and I particularly love the depth I am able to introduce by using the various gradients of the same colour:

Here is the aerial view of my White Sophie ~ doesn't she have a delicious heirloom quality about her?:

...and here is the aerial view of my Rustic Sophie ~ such a different feel to the other:

Here they are side-by-side:

And finally a couple more close-up shots:


Rustic Colour Palette:

Part 1:  
Round 1  Cream
Round 2  Cream
Round 3 Beige
Round 4 Camel
Round 5 Cream
Round 6 Cream
Round 7 Cream
Round 8 Brown
Part 2:  
Round 9 Camel
Round 10 Beige
Round 11 Copper
Round 12 Copper
Round 13 Copper
Round 14 Cream
Round 15 Cream
Part 3:  
Round 16 Cream
Round 17 Beige
Round 18 Beige
Round 19 Camel
Round 20 Camel
Round 21 Brown
Round 22 Brown
Round 23 Cream
Round 24 Cream
Round 25 Cream