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I'm loving making my Sophies.  They're so interesting to make.  Each row is different from the previous so there is no chance in getting bored.  And thus far I'm enjoying playing around with colour placement on the Rustic version.

The larger they get, the nicer they are to hold.  I think they're going to be quite luscious when completed.

Here's Part 2 completed ~ on an angle.  First in white, which, I have to say, photographs really well:

...and then in rustic... which is looking rather delicious in the afternoon light:

...and the two side-by-side:

Here's an aerial shot of the white:

...and then in rustic:

And finally a couple of arty shots:


Rustic Colour Palette:

Part 1:  
Round 1  Cream
Round 2  Cream
Round 3 Beige
Round 4 Camel
Round 5 Cream
Round 6 Cream
Round 7 Cream
Round 8 Brown
Part 2:  
Round 9 Camel
Round 10 Beige
Round 11 Copper
Round 12 Copper
Round 13 Copper
Round 14 Cream
Round 15 Cream