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Oh. My. God.  This is SUCH a rewarding project ~ on so many levels!  Unlike the other crochet along, this one is challenging (both in colour placement as well as technique) and in Part 1 alone I have already learned something new.

The yarn is also rather yummy to work with.  I'm a highly tactile creature, so my senses are in delicious overload.

Here's Part 1 on an angle, first in white:

...and then in rustic:

And here it is from an aerial view, again, first in white:

...and then in rustic:

Here's the two side-by-side for comparison:


Rustic Colour Palette:

Round 1  Cream
Round 2  Cream
Round 3 Beige
Round 4 Camel
Round 5 Cream
Round 6 Cream
Round 7 Cream
Round 8 Brown