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Hmmm... I've been procrastinating.  I took one look at this week's clue (which, I might add, encompasses TWO WEEKS, sigh), and lost the will to continue with this CAL.  It just looks too busy for my liking ~ there's way too much going on.

On one hand, I'm disappointed that we're not doing something more with the Xs and those blobby thingies in the centre.  I'm also disappointed that the chain loops (the grey bits in the corner) haven't been utilised more elaborately.  But on the other hand, as far as colour goes ~ especially with the braiding join ~ it just looks chaotically busy.

So I procrastinated.

I then pondered how I could do it differently to make it look less chaotic.  More 'ordered'.  More logical.

Then I procrastinated some more.

But in the end, I reminded myself that a part of this exercise (for me anyway) is to hand over control to the designers.  To trust that (with their knowledge of the end result) there is in fact method to their madness. 

So I pushed my reservations aside, measured out the yarn as instructed, and began joining my squares together.  Using the braided join.  Following the prescribed colour combinations.

Here are the first four squares joined together:

...and the aerial shot:

I don't see how this is going to occupy me for two entire weeks.