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Having read the feedback following the release of clue #5 I knew this week's task was going to be super quick and easy.  Disappointingly so.  The vast majority of the CAL participants were thrilled that they had time to catch up  Catch up?  Seriously??

Apparently many are beginner crocheters.  Apparently I'm far from it. 


So in my disappointment, I pushed this CAL aside and spent my weekend playing with the next CAL I shall embark upon just as soon as my yarn arrives.  (Fortunately, I had some random left over yarn in my stash with which to play.)

ANYHOW... last night I had a go at the next clue and quickly whipped up the first nine squares... here is the aerial shot of one of the squares following the addition of Week 5's round:

Just 11 to go... I'm pretty sure I'll get these done before the next clue is published.

Here's hoping this week's clue will present more of a challenge as I'm seriously bored to tears.