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Ooh... it's growing!!  So this week we return to our main colour (MC) or as Yarnspirations refer to it, Contrast A (teeheeheee).  In some ways, this is definitely the trickiest clue thus far.  But still pretty basic stitches ~ nothing I've not done before.

The difficulty comes in remembering the pattern (where to place the double crochets and when to put chains in-between ~ or not, as the case may be).

Oh, and to keep the 20 chain at the front!!  Poor Mikey forgetting to do so whilst recording the video instructions and having to frog for all the world to see!  (Or perhaps he did it on purpose to show that even experts make mistakes.)

As a result of wanting to watch TV at the same time, I decided to follow the pattern as opposed to watching the video over and over again.  But rather than reading the written instructions, I decided to have a go at deciphering the chart instead.  And OH MY GOD, it was SO easy to follow.  I don't know why I was so scared of crochet charts up until now.  I feel so empowered!

ANYHOW... here is the aerial shot of Week 4:

I actually made two last night... so 18 to go...