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I caught up!!  Well, I'm still one (err.. two?) day(s) behind, but that's close enough.  Go me!  Actually, it's rather fortunate that I was a little behind as there was a flurry of heated discussion  online following the release of Clue #3.

Turns out the notes Mikey was using for his video recording had changed in the six months since they were given to him.  Unbeknown to him, Yarnspirations weren't using standard crochet terminology to refer to the colours in the written instructions they were publishing week-by-week.  Rather, they were using terminology which was in line with the way in which they had labelled the yarn kits they are selling. 

Were.  As in past tense.  For weeks 1 and 2.  But then this week they changed terminology.  Causing massive confusion.  Then Mikey made several posts to clear up the confusion ~ not realising that there was a major inconsistency in the written instructions ~ which then sent panic amongst many who thought they now had to frog ALL their work.  Not just from clue #2 but right from the beginning!!

FINALLY, Mikey saw the light.  Removed his suck eggs video post and replaced it with a highly apologetic post explaining what had happened and reassuring us that the "typo" in the written instructions had been rectified.

Peace was once again restored in cyber world.

So anyway, here are my two towers post completion of week 2:

...and all the X's laid out in rows...

...teeheeheee... a pile of X's scattered across my dining table...

...and one final aerial shot: