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Last year I answered a request to crochet teeny tiny hats for angel babies.  The experience was at once humbling, healing, and incredibly rewarding.  I have just completed my second batch of hats, ready to donate to maternity hospitals.

These hats go to families who's babies are either born sleeping (stillborn) or pass away soon after a premature birth.

Often the families are ill prepared for this unexpected loss and the babies so small that they don't fit even the smallest of premature baby clothes.

I am now a member of a group of ladies who transform donated wedding gowns into teeny tiny angel baby gowns.  My hats, together with the beautifully crafted gowns are intended to give families some comfort during their time of grief, as they farewell their angel babies in appropriately sized clothing.  All made with love.



I make the hats in three sizes and three variations ~ boy, girl, and gender neutral ~ as due to their early arrival, gender is often ambiguous.

These hats are approximately 20cm in diameter:

These ones approximately 14cm in diameter:

These hats are merely 10cm in diameter ~ small enough to fit a golf ball:


I usually make these whilst waiting for my girl during dance, music, and drama classes ~ which always invites questions and leads into heartfelt conversations ~ perfect strangers connecting on a deeply emotional level.