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Like most children, Miss 11-going-on-101 has been given a number of soft toys over the years (including a few hand-me-downs).  She hasn't played with them in years, but holds on to a few for sentimental reasons.

Mostly, they clutter her room ~ making it rather difficult to keep tidy.

As she fast approaches her teens, no doubt the soft toys will be banished into storage.  But for now, we needed a solution to keep them tidy and out of the way in her space-starved bedroom.

Enter the Soft Toy Hammock!!

I had seen these years ago but discarded the idea at the time as we had a lot more space in our old house and it made more sense to chuck her soft toys in those pop-up-tent style 'boxes' in the play room.  (Yes, as an only child in a massive house, she had the luxury of having not only a bedroom but her very own play room too.  But I digress.)

Fast forward several years and a house move later I was researching practical crochet ideas (other than bags, hats, and scarves) and stumbled across some Soft Toys Hammocks.  Light bulb moment! You see, summer holidays in our family is about (amongst other things) de-cluttering and I had just stumbled across the perfect solution to Satine's soft toy clutter problem.

Most of the patters on the interweb are for rectagonal hammocks ~ you know, the kind humanoids enjoy reclining in.  However, I wanted something that would hang nicely in the corner of a room so was delighted to find a free pattern for a triangular-shaped hammock.

Best of all, it was SUPER quick to make and I happened to have spare yarn in Satine's latest favourite colour ~ so didn't even need to invest money in the project ~ bonus!

Here's the completed hammock:

 ...and a close-up of the stitching:

Looks pretty good, hey?  But I felt it needed something more.  So I decided to whip up some flowers in Satine's other favourite colours:

 ...colour co-ordinating with her pink and purple curtains:

I managed to find a bag of hooks in our "man cave", aka the "freezer room", by virtue of the fact that our chest freezer resides in it.  Along with an assortment of tools, nails, screws, light bulbs, and hooks.  (Amazing what one finds in one's house when one goes snooping!)

So here's the hammock suspended in the corner of Satine's bedroom:

...and from below:

Here's a close-up of the flowers:

 ...and from below:

...and the other side:

...and here it is in use:

 I think it's rather cute.  Here's hoping the child agrees.