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Bookmarks.  Of the physical variety.  You know, for that archaic dusty object in which printed paper is bound together.  Where pages are turned (as opposed to scrolled) and markers are required to track where you are up to. 

At the end of last year, as we began planning our weekly schedule for the new year ahead, we decided it was time to return to using a paper diary.  We've always loved our wall planner ~ which allows us to see what's coming up at a glance.  However, whilst this is excellent for the big picture planning of events, it doesn't lend itself to daily schedules and appointments.  For the past few years we've tried using the calendar app on our phones, but not being able to see the whole day on screen makes it difficult for my brain to make sense of our schedules.

So enter the good old fashioned diary... Which required a bookmark... Which sent me on a search for something practical that I would also be delighted to look at every day... Something to make me smile... Something unique, quirky, and beautiful...

I spent two days searching and found nothing that grabbed me.  So I adopted a crochet bracelet pattern by off-setting the flower motifs, leaving it open, and attaching a tail with beads on the end that I could thread through the centre of the spiral binding of the diary. 

Here is is in use:

 I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.