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With summer fast approaching it is becoming far too hot to wear a jacket whilst out walking.  None of my workout clothes contain sufficient (or any for that matter) pockets to carry the house key, doggie-do bags, and the all important mobile phone. 

So rather than carrying a bulky backpack, I decided a hip bag would be a far better solution.  Yeah, I know, they're not exactly the coolest thing on earth.  But they really are more practical and you've got to admit, this one is rather funky.

Have you ever tried searching for hip bag patterns?  It is rather slim picking I'm afraid ~ even when you cast a wide net to include all possible names such as the "bum bag" (as commonly known in New Zealand) or the "fanny bag" (clearly Americans have a very different definition for the word than we do!).

Unfortunately, you're not going to find a pattern here either as I created this by adopting Jennifer Dougherty's Diagonal Weave Blanket Pattern to form a pouch with a flap for the bag itself.  I then attached a belt made up of a basic double crochet stitch, added a couple of buttons, and voila!  I'm thinking that perhaps it needs a couple of button closures at the front, but will take it for a test run (errr walk!) first cause who wants to be fiddling with button closures whilst checking their phone or pausing to clean up after the dog mid-exercise?  Not me!!