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Miss 11-going-on-101 loves crafting gifts for people and has done so ever since she was little.  Back in 2010 I taught her the basic crochet chain and she created bookmarks for her nearest and dearest as Christmas gifts. 

This year, she is once again keen to make bookmarks (for those of us that still enjoy reading from the bound paper variety) so today we began experimenting with some easy to make yet interesting designs.  This one certainly fits the criteria!

Simple Crochet Lace Bookmark


Yarn of choice (the thinner the better in my opinion as the book won't close properly if it's too bulky, or worse still, may even cause damage!)

Crochet hook size suitable for chosen yarn (I used a 3mm hook for mine)

Beads (optional)


Step 1:  Chain 5

Step 2:  Join with sl st into first chain to form a ring

Step 3:  (6 sc, 4ch, sc) into ring, turn

Repeat step 3 until you reach the desired length.  (I made 30 in total.)

Step 4:  Chain 35 (increase or decrease number for your desired length), cut yarn leaving a relatively long tail and knot 3 times

Step 5:  Tread beads (if using), knotting 3 times in-between each bead to separate them

Step 6:  Cut 10 lengths of yarn at approximately twice the length of your chain created in step 4, fold in half and attach to the tail end below the beads