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We all have at least one friend who epitomises Martha Stewart.  You know the type: she cooks, she bakes, she sews, she crafts, she's involved with school and extra curricular activities, her house is spotless, her family cared for, she may even undertake paid employment, and she still finds time to blog about it along the way.

As a mere mortal, I have never been able to maintain more than two or three of the above at any given time, but occasionally I surprise even myself.  Today was one of those days. 

We had invited my mother and brother over for an afternoon of games followed by dinner so the pressure was on to clean and tidy the house whilst creating culinary delights.  I wanted something easy to prepare which would virtually cook itself - allowing me to socialise when our guests have arrived. 

So I began by preparing vegetables for my Tasty, Tender, Succulent Slow Cooker Roast Pork:




Growing up, a Hungarian style Roast Pork was incomplete without Sauteed Red Cabbage - although, I suspect my version is far from traditional Hungarian cuisine.

So with the pork and vegetables 'roasting' in the slow cooker and cabbage sauteeing on the stove, there was just one elemnt missing to my rustic dinner... what is pork without Apple Sauce?




Then it was time to start baking... and what better time to experiment with a new recipe than when you're under pressure - right?  Okay, perhaps not the smartest, but one must never ignore a craving.  So into the oven went the Gluten Free Carrot Cake:




Actually, that was obviously taken as the cake came out of the oven - but who wants to see a photo of unbaked gloop?  Tasty as it might be to lick mixing bowls and spoons, its hardly an attractive sight to behold.  But I digress...

As it turned out, a standard tub of cream cheese makes an obscene amount of icing.  So I decided to slice the cake in half horizontally and filled it with a generous spread of sweet, lemony, cream cheese goodness:



Then went for the 'casual' look in applying the rest of the icing to the outside of the cake and finished it off with a generous sprinkling of chopped walnuts:




I must confess, I did my fair share of licking the icing bowl and was completely sweeted-out by the time it came to cutting the cake. - so unsurprisingly, a large portion was sent home with our guests.  But the few slices which remain will be the perfect indulgence over the coming days.

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